Your level of popularity for Airlangga will be an asset to elevate your qualifications

Your level of popularity for Airlangga will be an asset to elevate your qualifications – SMRC researcher Saidiman Ahmad said Ketum Gorkar his Airlangga was well received by the public. That’s why it’s so important to raise the reputation of Ketum Airlanga in the community.

Public knowledge of Airlanga may increase its eligibility. “Public support for Airlangga is pretty high, 70% of people know and like it,” Saidiman said in Jakarta on Friday (27 January).

According to his SMRC survey in December 2022, Airlanga’s popularity is still around 39% nationwide. Even if Airlangga can draw a lot of potential out of the party machine.

As the leader of the second largest political party, Golkar, Airlangga’s leader, Golkar, is well known to the lower middle class. “In fact, Golkha attracts more supporters from the lower middle class. The party is traditionally strong outside Java and in rural areas,” Saidiman said.

Aside from losing the election, the results of the latest poll from the Millennial Community Research Institute (LPMM) show that if elections are held today, Golkar party leader Airlangga says Hartart has a very good chance of winning. It is high. “The results of the public election survey, which was represented by 2,078 respondents, relate to expectations of presidential candidates. If the presidential election were held today, 25.8% would choose the name Airlangga Hartanto,” said the LPMM coordinator. said Andrey Santoso of

The reason Ketum Airlangga is at the top is because he has a great chance of being voted out for his achievements in working for the community in the economic field, especially during his Covid-19 pandemic .

economic problem

Cecep Hidayat, a political observer at the University of Indonesia (UI), believes that the findings used in the study are appropriate if they constitute only economic aspects.

“Airlangga, because he is now the coordinating economy minister. Of course, he is considered the person who ‘best understands’ economic issues. There may be others. However, according to this LPPM result, Airlangga, who is believed to be able to play a leadership role in 2024 due to his experience in the business sector, is in line with his experience,” he said. I was.

Still, Cecep explained that the 2024 presidential election isn’t just about the economy. There are also other relevant issues such as bureaucratic reform, defense and security, poverty, unemployment and international relations.

“Presidential candidates have multifaceted problems, not just economics,” he concluded.***

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