This is what the Indonesian Presidency theme for ASEAN 2023 means

This is what the Indonesian Presidency theme for ASEAN 2023 means will be her fourth year with Indonesia as her ASEAN chair. Previously, Indonesia was registered as the chair country of ASEAN in 1976, 2003 and 2011.

This time, Indonesia chaired the ASEAN Matters:

epicenter of growth”. If the subject has two elements.

Indonesia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu) Retno Marsudi said that through this issue, Indonesia wants her ASEAN region to remain relevant and important. It is also a center of economic growth.

“The first factor is the issue of ASEAN and how Indonesia and its chair country maintain ASEAN relevance. , life after death is outside ASEAN,” Foreign Minister Retno said after the “kickoff” of Indonesia’s ASEAN 2023 presidency at the central HI roundabout. – Jakarta, Sunday (January 29, 2023).

“Second, I hope that ASEAN will continue to play a central role and continue to be a driving force that can contribute to regional stability and peace,” he said.

Retno explained that the growth center refers to the positive trend of economic growth in the region. In fact, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecasts 4.7% economic growth in Southeast Asia in 2023.

“Looking at ASEAN, the history of ASEAN has always and most often been linked with economic issues, which shows that economic growth in the ASEAN region has always been higher than in the world,” he said. Retno said.

For example, in the forecast for 2023, according to the Foreign Minister, ASEAN’s growth forecast by ADB (Asian Development Bank) is 4.7%. Meanwhile, the World Bank’s global economic growth forecast is 1.7. “Well, the president wants it to happen. We will continue to improve this asset,” said Foreign Minister Retno.

To achieve this goal, Indonesia is focusing on strengthening cooperation in her four areas. Above all, in the health sector, because the pandemic is not over yet.

“The second is the energy sector. The third is the food sector and the fourth is strengthening financial cooperation,” said Retno.

Sidharto R. Suryodipuro, his secretary general for ASEAN cooperation at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealed that his ASEAN chair in Indonesia is often at a “crossroads.” “ASEAN has done it three times, he has done it three times, but it has always been in the realm of ‘crossroads’ before Indonesia took the lead,” said Mr Sidharto.

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