Provincial capital development pays attention to socio-cultural aspects

Provincial capital development pays attention to socio-cultural aspects – The development of the Archipelago Capital (IKN) is said to be a transformation of Indonesian civilization. IKN’s development will focus on how cities can be sustainable. From the socio-cultural aspect to the economic activities that took place in the new city.

This was mentioned some time ago by Danis Hidayat Sumadilaga, head of his IKN Infrastructure Development Implementation Task Force at the Ministry of PUPR.

In response, the Chairperson of the Steering Committee of the Tanamula Nusantara Institute (LKTN) asked NGO activists, humanists, artists and scholars to contribute to the civilization of the Archipelago Capital (IKN) Salihara Art Centre, Pasar Ming. gathered a group of South Jakarta An archaeologist from Malang State University said, of course, the preparation of the National Archaeological Institute goes beyond just building the physical infrastructure. But at the same time, it is also important to deal with environment and ecology, society and culture, that is, eco-social culture.

“Certainly, the IKN region of the archipelago has become a multi-ethnic and even multi-ethnic region, which is a logical consequence of its location as the center of the country,” said Dwi on Friday (January 2023). 27) said.

He said each tribe and nation that would later inhabit the National Archipelago National Park would bring its own culture. This will create a multicultural residential area like Jakarta.

“The local population has to adapt to the new way of life as well, along with the new work ethic that is being developed at IKN Nusantara,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, LKTN Riansyah’s secretary spoke of the rapid changes that would take place in and around the PPU. Therefore, advance measures are necessary.

“It’s to avoid culture shock when faced with a very big change. At first, it can feel like a socio-cultural state that is very different from what it was before,” said Rian.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare socially so that local residents are alienated or lead to alienation. This is the result of a new order of life in its environment.

“To keep them from being marginalized in the dynamics going on in their lives that have been productive in the PPU and surrounding areas,” Rian said.

Rian said that LKTN was born out of a process of cultural debate and that he departed from the intention and intention of becoming the entity controlling the existence of IKN as he welcomes the new era of Nusantara civilization. “We welcome Indonesia Gold 2045 and aim to establish archipelago culture and arts media as a cultural strategy to revitalize archipelago civilization,” Rian concluded.

Meanwhile, Ronal J. Warsa, a young personality from Kutai Kartanegara, said the community has benefited greatly from the development of the Nusantara National Infrastructure Institute.

“Let’s assume that by building new roads and bridges, we can reduce travel time overland,” he said Ronal.

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