GNI Encourages Millennials to Maintain Future Food Security

GNI Encourages Millennials to Maintain Future Food Security – Wisnu Bharuna, President and Director of PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI), encourages millennials to maintain Indonesia’s future food security through seed and carbon planting activities.

“The younger generation of millennials are the future heirs of the country and everything is in their hands. That’s the hope,” he said in Jakarta on Monday (30 January 2023).

One of his efforts to encourage this millennial contribution is the soft launch of the Indonesia Millennial Planting Association on Thursday (January 26) in Kendari City, South East Sulawesi. . The move is also in line with the global commitment to reduce carbon emissions to prevent climate change, unanimously agreed at the G20 Presidency Forum.

Achyar Al Rasyid, president of Indonesia’s Millennial Planting Association, said the environmental greening program will focus on former mining areas.

Specifically, the association commits to combine his two goals of reducing CO2 emissions by ensuring future food security.

“This association was formed as an aggregator and catalyst for both of these major agendas,” he said.

The existence of the Indonesian Millennial Planting Association is essentially related to its cooperation with the Entrepreneurs Association of Nickel Struggle (APNIPER) and PT GNI Smelter. Achyar said the collaboration was done to implement the agenda of the work programme, such as plants and nurseries.

The association focuses on greening the environment, especially in post-mining areas, and calls on all elements of youth to actively participate in reducing carbon emissions and preparing for food safety in downstream industries. increase.

“As Indonesia takes a step towards becoming a developed country, downstream industries must continue to be supported by young people. Tree planting is also essential, so both move at the same time,” he said. ***

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