Free 2nd Booster Vaccine,, Epidemiologist: Develop comprehensive health rules

Free 2nd Booster Vaccine,, Epidemiologist: Develop comprehensive health rules – Coordinating Economy Minister Airlangga Hartart has announced that the government will step up his second free booster vaccination for the general public.

“The second booster he will launch on January 12th is free,” said Golkar’s chairman. He emphasized that even though his PPKM status was revoked, he was reminded of the importance of:

“The use of masks, crowds and confined spaces must continue. Awareness of vaccination needs to continue. We need to become more independent to be aware and seek treatment,” Airlangga said.

In response, epidemiologist Dickie Budiman added that there are several things governments can do during this transition period. “We will boost immunity with booster shots and vaccine formulations that are available and affordable across Indonesia. This transition period should be prepared for that,” Dickie said on Friday (27 January). .

Additionally, governments can create comprehensive health regulations. “Because you talk about the state, you talk about good governance, you talk about clear regulation. It is positioned as Because we know that when health is compromised, other sectors are disrupted as well,” Dickey explained.

A One Health for All system should prioritize health aspects in different areas.

People with a second booster shot are then asked to get it. Additionally, community groups are at higher risk due to their field of work and comorbidities.

“They are high-risk and cannot be delayed. In high-risk groups, they are susceptible because even antibodies from booster vaccinations can break through because of the presence of this subvariant. However, when he refreshes, the severity of death is reduced. So the second dose has to be done in parallel,” Dickey said.

Meanwhile, Masdarina Pane, head of the professional development department of the Indonesian Association of Epidemiologists, announced that the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia is well under control.

“Conditions to combat the pandemic in Indonesia are under control, indicators are showing good figures, and although the test record over the last 10 months is low, omicron in particular, along with its various sub-variants, has been working from the outset to It was known to be non-infectious. Virulent but not malignant,” he explained.

According to him, booster shots are additional vaccines given after the main dose of vaccine. Its function is to promote or stimulate the rise of antibodies in individuals who have been shown to be weak.In fact, it is known from several serological studies that human antibodies are very high.

“Well, that’s the root of the problem. Several times during the investigation, data collection, the government says that our antibodies are high and the antibody count is very high. “Why is this policy even a refresher when our main vaccination coverage is still low and targets have so far not been met?” he said.

Prefer main dosage

Masdalina revealed that his two-dose vaccination rate in Indonesia is still at 63.4%. The figure is still short of his 70% target for the government to reach by December 2021. In fact, Indonesia’s vaccination coverage is the second worst after Myanmar.

“If ASEAN is the third worst after Myanmar and Timor-Leste, there is no reason not to make it a top priority,” he said. Therefore, Masdarina believes that no additional vaccination guidelines are necessary.****

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