Puan Jatim Volunteer Warriors Enliven the 77th Indonesian Independence Day with a Cultural Parade

Puan Jatim Volunteer Warriors Enliven the 77th Indonesian Independence Day with a Cultural Parade

Fajarasia.co — Hundreds of volunteers from Puan Maharani in East Java (East Java) and the community commemorated the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia by participating in a cultural parade or carnival in Sidodowo Village, Modo District, Lamongan Regency.

The activity, which was held on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, was initiated by Puan Maharani’s volunteer fighter with the Sidodowo Village Youth Organization and Puan Maharani’s Volunteer.

“This carnival has the theme of Cultural Diversity. We hope that with this theme, we will be more proud of the cultural richness of the Indonesian nation,” said Rizal Husain, Puan Maharani East Java’s Volunteer Fighter who participated in the carnival.

Through these activities, continued Rizal, the volunteers at the same time introduced the figure of Puan Maharani to the public.

“We invite the public to get to know Ms. Puan more closely, so that they understand what and who Ms. Puan is,” he said.

At least, people from 10 hamlets in Sidodowo Village enlivened the carnival. The participants looked cheerful and excited and enjoyed even in the scorching sun.

“We are very happy to be able to participate in this activity, because in addition to commemorating the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, we also help preserve culture in Lamongan Regency. Of course, it is our duty and obligation as the younger generation to maintain, care for and preserve our cultural diversity,” explained Angga, Sidodowo Village residents who participated in enlivening the carnival.

Separately, Puan East Java’s Volunteer Coordinator, Chusnul Wafiq said by telephone, this agenda is a form of creativity from Ms. Puan’s supporters in East Java, which is carried out to create a pleasant political atmosphere and unite all levels of society.

“Volunteer Puan Maharani of East Java regularly holds events with the theme of nationalism and mutual cooperation to inspire the community. In particular, we introduce Ms. Puan to the people of East Java to play an active role and support Puan Maharani in welcoming the 2024 Presidential Election,” he said.

Chusnul added that the moment of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day should be used as a spirit of unity and mutual cooperation among the people to welcome the new president.

“Don’t let there be tension or competition between political camps, then there will be divisions, because the essence of political contestation is the people’s party, so the people must be happy at this five-year moment, especially happy to welcome Ms. Puan as President,” he concluded.****

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