Programs and idea campaigns make KIB the strongest coalition

Programs and idea campaigns make KIB the strongest coalition – The Federation of Indonesian Federations (KIB) said it will hold a meeting this week. A meeting between Golkar, PAN and PPP was scheduled to discuss the KIB’s presidential candidate.

PARA Syndicate Executive Director Ari Nurcahyo assesses that all coalitions remain on the same page.Each coalition does not yet have a formal candidate to run for the 2024 presidential election.

“Other coalitions already have candidates, but they’re not official yet. In a sense, these coalitions are actually on the same page, both the KIB, the Change Coalition and the Great Indonesia Awakening Coalition. I’m good at both, but it’s actually still the semi-finals,” Ali Nurkhahyo said on Monday (30.1.).

Ali assessed KIB as having superior assets in terms of robustness compared to other coalitions. From the beginning, KIB was formed by prioritizing political ideas, programs and carrying on Jokowi’s legacy.

“The current position is that the KIB is the most solid by the solidity of the coalition. Because from the beginning, KIB did not talk about presidential and vice presidential candidates, but programmatically talked about Park Jokowi’s continuation,” he said.

Therefore, KIB should prioritize presidential and vice presidential candidate criteria at future meetings, Ali said. KIB also aims to make the image of the federation more vivid.

“Well, I think at next week’s meeting we will actually discuss the specific criteria of what the status should be and how the KIB should be branded,” he said.

He said the image of Jokowi’s successor coalition must move forward. KIB needs to strengthen this image and socialize it in public. This is also a distinguishing feature with other coalitions that claim to be Jokowi’s antithesis coalition.

“If Coalition for Change is the antithesis of Jokowi, then KIB must have branding that carries on the full legacy of Park Jokowi. This branding must be open to the public. Anyone later will only be attracted to candidates for president and vice president,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, DPP PPP leader Ahmed Baidowi said his KIB meeting this week was a series of preparations for the election phase. “The KIB, which consists of the Golkar PAN PPP, has been solid so far. We are planning a meeting this week,” Baidwi said on Monday (30 January).

Earlier, Deputy PPP Chairman Mardiono said the Federation of Indonesian Federations (KIB) would hold a meeting this week. 3 Party leaders, Chairman Golkar, Airlangga Hartart, Plt.

“Future figures that we deserve to be carried by all parties are already mature, any coalition,” Mardiono said.

According to the results of the Golkar National Congress, Ketum Airlanga Hartart is the party’s presidential candidate with the banyan tree symbol. On the other hand, the PPP named many names, including Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, who are also Golkar Party cadres.

Meanwhile, the Greater Indonesian Awakening Coalition (Gerindra-PKB) and Coalition for Change (Nasdem, Democrats, PKS) also moved to declare solidarity. The Greater Indonesian Awakening Coalition formed a joint secretariat and the Democrats officially declared their support for his Anies Baswedan, who was also wearing her NasDem, as a presidential candidate.***



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