Given a Birthday Surprise, Cak Imin actually prays for Ms to become president

Given a Birthday Surprise, Cak Imin actually prays for Ms to become president – Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives and Chairman of the PDI-P (PDIP) Puan Maharani gave a surprise to PKB General Chair Muhaimin Iskandar, who had his 56th birthday. Even so, the man who is familiarly called Cak Imin actually prayed for Puan to become president.

Puan gave a birthday surprise after she and Cak Imin visited Taufiq Kiemas’ grave at TMP Kalibata, South Jakarta, Sunday (25/9/2022). Cak Imin is known to have a close relationship with the deceased, who is Puan’s biological father.

“I thank you, Mbak Puan, for remembering my birthday. Thank you for the birthday cake. May his prayers be answered. And I at least become vice president,” said Cak Imin, greeted by laughter from Puan and the ranks of the PDIP and PKB.

The deputy chairman of the DPR also joked that he had to be aware of the position of PKB’s votes under PDIP, so he only hoped to be the number two person in Indonesia. Cak Imin actually prayed that Puan could become President.

“This is a minimum (to be vice president). (If someone asks) ‘Why is this the vice president, he said the president’, the party lost badly,” he joked.

“I always pray for Ms. Puan to continue, success. We pray for Mbak Puan to become President,” continued Cak Imin.

Cak Imin added that he and Puan have a fairly warm relationship. Because since his youth, he has fought together in politics, so he hopes that PKB can continue to form a coalition with PDIP in the future.

“And also as a brother, I will definitely support Ms. Puan in the struggle. Definitely,” said Cak Imin.

Prayed for the presidency, Puan then agreed with Cak Imin’s wish to become vice president. Moreover, he considers Cak Imin to be like his own brother.

“We pray, amen. As brothers, as brothers and sisters, who both struggled to be raised by my biological father, and the father of the movement, Cak Imin, “said Puan.

“The hope is how in the future we can both look for one thought, one together solution so that we can work together in building the nation and state,” he continued.

Cak Imin himself previously said that he had helped defend the PDIP chairman Megawati Soekarnoputri during the New Order era. Therefore, PDIP hopes that the cooperation with PKB can continue.

“Not only in the 2024 contestation, but even after the 2024 contestation. Because as brothers, of course, God willing, you will realize when it’s time to compete, when it’s time to compete. That’s the most important thing,” said Puan.

The first woman to serve as Chair of the DPR stated that PDIP and PKB have similarities as the wong cilik parties. Therefore, said Puan, it is possible that PDIP and PKB will form a coalition again in the 2024 election, even though PKB is currently collaborating with Gerindra.

“Yes, it’s called political dynamics, nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible in politics. So (PDIP) just being able to meet Gerindra (some time ago) is a signal that in the future there may be other dynamics,” he explained.

Puan was then asked by the media crew about the criteria for her prospective partner if she was appointed by PDIP to run as a presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election. She conveyed the criteria she expected.

“The name is also like getting married, all candidates must find a suitable partner. Have the same vision and mission, the same ideals. How then can the shared visions and goals be for the welfare of the people,” said Puan.

“Then don’t get in the middle of the split of a joint venture, but it can be in line, at least for 5 years we can work together for the people,” added the former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture.

Puan also made sure that she already had a figure that she hoped could move forward with her if she received a mandate from the PDIP. He also confirmed that he would continue to carry out political safaris to other parties in preparation for the 2024 General Election.

“Yes, please, let’s go everywhere, yes, there are people who are being targeted. Surely we will continue to meet. Immediately visit other (parties),” concluded Puan.***

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