Democrats accuse PKS of causing Anies coalition to collapse, PKS denies AHY words

Democrats accuse PKS of causing Anies coalition to collapse, PKS denies AHY words – PKS DPP spokesman Muhammad Kollid has dismissed a statement by Democratic Party leader Agus Halimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) referring to the stagnation of the Anis Baswedan party coalition between Nasdem, PKS and the Democratic Party bottom.

AHY accused PKS of insisting that key executives like Ahmad Heryawan and Aher become Anies Baswedan’s vice-presidential candidate in his 2024 presidential election.

This made PKS speak out. According to Kholid, the Anies allies debate is always dynamic, open to input from any party.

“There is no coercion in choosing a vice-presidential candidate. From the beginning, the PKS has prioritized unity and rationality in choosing the vice-president,” Kholid told reporters on Friday (27 January 2023). told to Kholid stressed that the PKS respects the wishes of the Democratic Party who have proposed the name AHY as Anies’ vice presidential candidate. Most importantly, the vice presidential candidate must be able to win her 2024 presidential election.

“Basically, PKS supports the best people who can complement and enhance their chances of winning the 2024 presidential election.

He also said Aher’s name was just a suggestion for her small Coalition for Change team to consider. He emphasized that Aher is just one of the options PKS offers and that it is open to other options.

“PKS internal cadres are just options or alternatives that can be considered in discussions within the Coalition.

Kholid said his PKS official position on endorsements for president and vice-presidential candidates comes directly from party leadership. In this connection, the deliberations of the Highway Council required the Chairman of the Highway Council to make a decision on the results of the previous deliberations of the Highway Council on the selection of the Chief and Vice-Presidential Candidates. rice field. “Regarding the Statement of Support, the PKS-DPP is awaiting direction from Dr. Habib, Chairman of the PKS-Syuro Council. The DPP follows and follows the decisions of the Syuro Council,” Kholid said.

“Therefore, I ask the public, especially the PKS extended family, to wait patiently for an official decision from the leadership. closed.

Earlier, Democratic Party leader Agus Halimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) urged the PKS not to force a party official named Ahmad Helyawan or Aher to become Agnes Baswedan’s vice-presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election. I was looking for “Therefore, the Democrats ask the PKS to refer the decision of the vice-presidential candidate to the presidential candidate we endorse, so the three parties have equal rights in the coalition,” AHY wrote. It is quoted as saying in a statement by Friday (January 27, 2023).

Anies said AHY has independence in choosing partners without interference from any party to help the couple win the Democratic title.

“If one day we were given the power to run government businesses…there would be no forced marriages,” said AHY. *****

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