BNPT finds out how Saudi Arabia is waking up terrorists

BNPT finds out how Saudi Arabia is waking up terrorists – Indonesia’s National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) visited Saudi Arabia’s deradicalization center in Riyadh to investigate how the country is waking up to terrorists.

“BNPT has investigated ways in which Saudi Arabia creates a radical understanding of terrorists,” said BNPT chief Komgen Pol. Statement boy Rahuli Amar received in Jakarta on Friday (27 January 2023).

Saudi Arabia’s deradicalization centers are the Mohammed bin Nayef Counseling and Care Center (MNCC) in Riyadh city and Al-Hair Prison.

Boy Rafli Amar said the visit to Saudi Arabia’s deradicalization center was important for improving Indonesia’s deradicalization programme. In this country, the BNPT has developed a number of deradicalization programs, one of which is the Integrated Archipelago Territory (KTN), working with all groups. His welfare-based KTN trains former terrorists in economic and social skills so they can interact with the wider community.

“We will fix and evaluate any gaps in cooperation among stakeholders,” says Boy.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, the MNCC itself is a deradicalization center focused on social reintegration and reintegration of extremist groups.

Its mechanism is based on a special scientific methodology under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Programs conducted include education, art therapy, recreation, psychological counseling, and religious counseling.

After visiting a deradicalization center in Saudi Arabia, Boy said the BNPT will continue to evaluate and strengthen deradicalization programs. Furthermore, on December 7, 2022 he Astanaanyar, Bandung bombing was carried out by a former terrorist. Therefore, further mapping of deradicalization programs is being developed.

Papua’s former police chief explained that the deradicalization program hopes people convicted of terrorism will break free from religious intolerance and reintegrate into society.***

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