AICHR encourages ASEAN to use tools to pressure military regimes

AICHR encourages ASEAN to use tools to pressure military regimes – The ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) is encouraging ASEAN to use all available means to press Myanmar’s military government for dialogue. This was announced on Sunday (29 January 2023) in Jakarta by AICHR’s Indonesian representative Yuyun Wahyuningram.

“Now there are still many things that ASEAN has not promoted before, such as using ASEAN human rights mechanisms that we were not involved with. ,” Yuyun said as the Indonesian president’s office met at the HI Roundabout after “kicking off” ASEAN 2023.

“We don’t yet know if it’s a form of sanctions or something else. However, there are still some tools that are not being used within ASEAN,” said Yuyun.

Furthermore, Yu Yun said he has never used human rights and economic pressure mechanisms by ASEAN to demand the military government’s participation. However, it is clear that ASEAN does not impose sanctions on its member states.

“For example, human rights aren’t being exploited and economic pressures aren’t based on the economy. There’s no guarantee that this will work, so we don’t know,” Yuyun said. “But it looks like ASEAN will have to use whatever means necessary to get the military to seek dialogue. said Yu Yun.

However, according to Yuyun, it appears to have stalled due to the lack of critical cooperation with the military. However, his party felt it was important for ASEAN to find a similar mechanism by not inviting Myanmar government officials.

“ASEAN does not really have a sanctions mechanism. The only thing that should be done is not to invite national representatives to the summit.”

On his February 1 next year, Myanmar’s political and humanitarian crisis will enter his second year. As the chair of ASEAN 2023, Indonesia said it was ready to help find a solution, but all decisions are in the hands of the people.

“We always say that as a family we are ready to help because this is a sovereign nation. Our friends know that the history of Myanmar is very complicated, but as a family we are ready to help. has been completed,” Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said on the same occasion. “We are always sending messages to the military government about implementing the Five Points of Consensus, which means that the ASEAN approach is the only one that can help Myanmar,” he said.

Retno assured that only non-governmental representatives from Myanmar would be invited to the ASEAN Coordinating Center (ACC) and he ASEAN Foreign Ministers (AMM) meetings to be held in Jakarta on February 3-4. “We invite them as a country, but not on a political level,” said Foreign Minister Retno.***

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