A wheelchair gift from Mrs. Makes Ni Ketut happy who has a child with polio

A wheelchair gift from Mrs. Makes Ni Ketut happy who has a child with polio

Fajarasia.co – A smile shone with sparkling eyes on the face of Mrs. Ni Ketut Ratko, a flower farmer in Badung, Bali, this afternoon. Ni Ketut looked very happy when he received assistance in a wheelchair for his son who was suffering from polio from the Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament, Puan Maharani.

Ni Ketut never thought he would meet Puan. Moreover, he received the help of a wheelchair that his son desperately needed.

When Puan visited the farm in her residential area in the Medium Traditional Village, Abiansamel, Badung, last Wednesday (28/9/), Ni Ketut came without expecting anything. He just wanted to see the grandson of the Indonesian Proclaimer Bung Karno up close.

Unexpectedly, Puan called Ni Ketut to the podium in a dialogue with local residents and farmers. Ni Ketut felt like a dream in broad daylight.

On that occasion, Puan asked what was the problem with Ni Ketut as a flower farmer. Ni Ketut, who also sells flowers produced by her farm for traditional offerings, expressed her feelings.

To Puan, Ni Ketut complained about the very cheap interest rates for offerings. The results of his farming are not enough to meet his daily needs, especially since he has a child who is paralyzed by polio.

Knowing that Ni Ketut’s child needed a wheelchair, Puan then stated that she would provide assistance. The first woman who served as Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives also accommodated Ni Ketut’s aspirations regarding the low income of flower farming.

Today, Ni Ketut was again surprised by how quickly the wheelchair gift arrived. In just one day, Puan sent the wheelchair directly to Ni Ketut’s house.

With teary eyes, Ni Ketut and her husband expressed their gratitude for Puan’s help.

“Mrs. Puan, the pole would like to thank you for your help,” said Ni Ketut when Puan’s representative came to send a wheelchair to her house, Thursday (29/9/2022).

Ni Ketut said that Puan’s gift was very useful to help the child’s activities. He also prayed for the success of the former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture.

“I thank you very much. Hopefully in the future Mrs. Puan will become president,” said Ni Ketut.

Meanwhile, Puan said she was happy to be able to help Ni Ketut. He ensured that the DPR will continue to strive for the needs of the people.

“Hopefully the wheelchair will be useful. As people’s representatives, the DPR will always be present and help people in need,” said Puan.****

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