Pilgrimage to Taufiq Kiemas’ grave with Cak Imin, Puan: PDIP and PKB are both the Little Wong Party

Pilgrimage to Taufiq Kiemas' grave with Cak Imin, Puan: PDIP and PKB are both the Little Wong Party

Fajarasia.co – The chairman of the DPR RI and the chairman of the PDIP Struggle (PDIP) DPP, Puan Maharani, together with the general chairman of the PKB, Muhaimin Iskandar, visited the tomb of Taufiq Kiemas. The meeting also opened a signal for cooperation between PDIP and PKB for the 2024 General Election.

Puan and Muhaimin read yasin and tahlilan while praying for Taufiq Kiemas at his grave in the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery (TMP), South Jakarta, Sunday (25/09/2022). Muhaimin Iskandar is known to have had a close relationship with Puan’s biological father since he was young.

Both Puan and Muhaimin, who is familiarly called Cak Imin, were accompanied by their respective party ranks.

“Alhamdulillah, we have both done tahlil, yasin, ihktiar aswaja to be able to pray for the late Pak Taufiq Kiemas,” said Puan.

After the pilgrimage, Puan and Cak Imin walked to the Pecel Pincuk restaurant in the Kalibata TMP complex area. The two DPR leaders sat separately from their party ranks and had serious conversations.

After that, Puan and the PDIP elite gave a surprise cake for Cak Imin, who had a birthday today. According to Puan, she and Cak Imin are like brothers because they have been fighting since the New Order era.

“We both knew him from high school and college students, and arrived here as the Speaker of the DPR and Deputy Speaker of the DPR. We hope that this meeting will bring blessings, togetherness as brothers,” he said.

The first woman who served as Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives added that she and Cak Imin had often exchanged ideas. Puan emphasized that today’s meeting is still about how to build a better nation in the future.

“Now we are together, only hope that (in the future) we can be more together. And of course this meeting, as I said in the last meeting, with NasDem, Gerindra, the hope is how in the future we can both seek ideas, build the nation. Not only in the 2024 contestation, but even after the 2024 contestation,” explained Puan.

Puan said that she and Cak Imin were used to meeting in various conditions. There is no exception in simple food stalls like what is done today because they have closeness, both personally and in politics.

“Usually the meeting is at the office, at home. This is a pecel place, because PDIP and PKB are both flip-flops, little people,” said Puan.

“Today’s meeting is special. Because apart from Cak Imin’s birthday, this meeting serves as a stepping stone for the momentum that we have agreed that in the future we will try to find common ground so that we can build the nation and the country together,” added the former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture.

Puan also stated that this meeting opened the possibility of cooperation between PDIP and PKB in the 2024 election. Moreover, both she and Cak Imin as well as PDIP and PKB have had good relations and cooperation for a long time.

“As brothers, of course we are aware of when it’s time to compete, when it’s time to compete. That’s the most important. So because it’s still one year, I think we can continue to build, be open, to equate our vision and mission, ideals, “explained Puan.

Meanwhile, Cak Imin expressed his gratitude for the birthday cake from Puan and PDIP. He also revealed that he went on a pilgrimage with Puan because he considered Taufiq Kiemas as his own father because since he was an activist, Cak Imin participated in the struggle for PDIP chairman Megawati Soekarnoputri during the New Order era.

“Pak Taufiq Kiemas (TK) every day gives us ideas, ideas, finally like his own father. Even when we need what we need, the tuition fee is not enough, Mr. TK helps. In fact, the last time I wanted to apply to my wife, I didn’t have any money, I asked Mr. Taufiq Kiemas. So our parents are right,” explained Cak Imin.

Cak Imin also hopes to continue to form a coalition with PDIP. Although PKB has agreed to cooperate with Gerindra for the 2024 General Election, according to him, political dynamics can still develop.

“Hopefully this will be the way and the journey of the coalition is still one year. Hopefully there will be pilots continue, the development will be dynamic. What is clear is that we hope that PDIP can continue with PKB as it is now,” he concluded.****

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