Indonesian Embassy Promotes Indonesian Manpower to Meet Japanese Labor Demand

Indonesian Embassy Promotes Indonesian Manpower to Meet Japanese Labor Demand – The Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo (KBRI) promotes Indonesian Human Resources (HR) through the 2023 Employment Matching Fair in Hamamatsu to meet the needs of foreign workers in Japan.

Indonesian Deputy Ambassador to Japan John Chajanto Boestami said in Hamamatsu on Monday (January 30, 2023) that the activity is a forum for exchanges among stakeholders related to Japan in the field of training and employment. said.

The activity was motivated by Japan’s current situation of needing about 6.74 million foreign workers in 2040.

“I am confident that Indonesian manpower can meet the needs of working generation workers in Japan. We have to ensure that it is quality,” he said. There are about 30 sending organizations and vocational training institutions in Hamamatsu City, increasing the potential of Indonesian human resources.

Supported by the Association of Overseas Apprentice Organizers (AP2LN), JITCO, Indonesia-Japan Business Association, Hamamatsu-Indonesia Friendship Association and Kyodai Remitans, the matching fair was attended by more than 80 representatives from Japanese companies and organizations.

According to the June 2022 Japanese immigration report, the number of Indonesian citizens has reached 83,000 in the country. Of this, trainees increased from his previous 34,000 to his 44,000.

The number of workers with specific skills (specific skills) has now reached about 10,000. The number of Indonesians living in Japan is estimated to reach 100,000 by the end of 2022.

The promotion of Indonesian human resources in Hamamatsu is part of a series of activities for Indonesia-Japan Friendship Day (IJFD) 2023.

IJFD is an integrated promotional activity for the promotion of Indonesian trade, tourism and investment, consular and immigration services, and Indonesian arts and culture, covering 13 cities in Japan.

This activity follows Indonesia Friendship Day (IFD) which will be held in his 11 cities in Japan in 2022. ***

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